Shree Charotar Vees Gaam Leuva Patidar Samaj
Dhokalkui, Press road - KHAMBHAT
  • Manubhai Naranbhai Patel
  • Vadola

User Guide

This site is create for connect our social peoples from different place and provide information of our social activities.Accessing this site all our samaj people must register on our website.


How To Register :

Only register your bigest person of family(Vadil , Family Holder) person here and after another family member wife, childeren and another member detail using  add family member form.

Click here for Registration.


Click here for add Family Member.


Now Open Registration Form and Fill Form Detail...

        1. Village Select your Native or Born Village name of Our Smaja Village List.

           Wait for a few second family code and your personal Unique code is genrate automatically, please remeber this code.

       2. Username and Password plese enter valid and appropriate username and password this is usefull in login in our website.

           after entering username click on check availability button for usename if already register then choose another username.

       3. Enter Your Personal Detail

           Gender - select your sex male or female

           First Name - Enter your  Family Bigest persong name.

           Middle Name - Enter your Father/Husband name.

           Mother Name - Enter your Mother name.

           Mother Birth Place - Enter your Mother born Place(Mosad , Mama's Hometown).